MapUp Sana’a

Under the auspices of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology d / Ahmed Obaid bin funk assess developers Google Group GDG Sanaa Sanaa and in cooperation with the General Establishment for Telecommunications first maps of Google in the Republic of Yemen MapUp Sanaa happened
Which was held on Saturday 16/11/2013 in technology.
It is worth mentioning that this event is the first of its kind in Yemen and of great interest by Google Inc. and other experts in the information technology of the fact that his stay in Yemen is the first participated in the event, a number of social figures and representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the General Organization for Communications and a number of interested parties, as well to trainees who – during the workshop and executive action – to add nearly 2,000 locations to Google Maps for Yemen in order to update these maps and awareness in this area, which is our country from the late States.
This was the start of the event with a welcome speech for developers group Google Sanaa m / Rashad Khamissi Google’s ambassador in Yemen, in which he welcomed Balmcharkon explaining the effective role played by the developers group Google Sanaa during the current year and the most important events being organized during the next year, and praised the importance of this event for our country and the extent to which you will get them the beneficiaries of this important event, a welcome speech on behalf of the patron of the event thrown by Engineer / Mohamed Ahmed long– Cisco Yemeni Director of the Academy which he welcomed the group members and guests of the event and the participants pointed out in his speech to the extent of the importance of this event for Yemen and the efforts made by PTC Inc. yen Net in the success of this event, the process of stressing the need to support such self-help and development in the developing society.
After opening the M / Rashad Khamissi throwing Introduction to Google google maps maps were then transition to explain the maps google map maker maker explained to participants mechanism added to the maps and the importance of adding the information appropriately and properly as being important to the success of this event pedestals.
The distribution of participants – which previously have collected and classified more than 2,000 places and the new location is added to the Google world maps in the context of the capital Sanaa – in the executive workshops have been processed for this event specifically in Telecommunications Institute labs so that participants totaling 50 can participants and the participation of adding those places and monuments in the capital Sanaa in the roadmap for 5 hours only.
The event featured many discussions and seminars in addition to some recreational activities, which attracted the attention of students and helped to create a suitable climate of learning and entertainment at the same time.
Participants in the event deep satisfaction and through what has been give them training and assistance during the event but was before the supervisors of the developers group Google or by PTC staff from all sides but it was the organizational side or Applied Abbarroa strong optimism of success and spread this new and unique experience in Yemen, stressing the need to disseminate the content of such events and their relevance to the Yemeni society and we need them.
At the end of the event it was open for questions and inquiries held by the participants and visitors and thanked the group both in their respective fields but they are participants or PTC staff and also members of the group for their contribution and participation in the success and delivers the event to this high level of organization and implementation.
And advancing on behalf of Google global company Google Sanaa developers group thanks d / Ahmed bin Obaid bin funk for sponsoring this event for the interest in him in addition to the brothers in the PTC telecommunications and brothers in YemenNet representative of all its leaders and employees for their cooperation positive role in the success of this Alfalah.a
The group hopes that this event will be the beginning of another big events involved in the dissemination of technical and technological awareness in our country.

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GDG Sana’a – First Anniversary

The first anniversary of the founding of Google Developer Group – GDG Sana’a
The aim is to spread technological awareness among the Yemeni society !!
The goal that the people know the best ways to exploit its potential and the net !!
Over the founding of this group, which has proven and well-deserved
It took responsibility and had the challenge is now not going to speak for themselves.
But Anjazatha are you talking about in spite of the circumstances that passed by and despite the difficulties continued and will continue to reach the desired goal and is now celebrating a year of achievement in the tender.
Dmte fine Aamjmuatna expensive and long Attaiki.
Further steps towards a bright future and a better tomorrow …

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GDG Sanaa- second generation members

The belief of the developers group Google Sanaa Ba importance of the deployment of technological awareness in our country and the investigation’s targets set in the process of dissemination of technological awareness, the group implementing the second phase (interviews stage and evaluation) of the acceptance of new members joining the group in all disciplines that have been announced previously

These are some selected pictures during interviews over the past five days process.

The Group wishes all members who have success

And they wish to make Kassar their goals in the group service, which in turn serve our society and our beloved nation. .

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