Membership Announcement – For Non Developers

Welcome to the official announcement for applying for Google Developer Group Sana’a (GDG Sana’a) new members for 2018 …

Join GDG Sana'a

Please note that:

  • The announcement officially begins on Monday 22/01/2018 and ends on Wednesday, 31/01/2018 Wednesday 07/02/2018 at 11:59 PM.
  • The membership is available to all students/people of all disciplines and fields. Not just computer or programming students/people.
  • You will need maximum 20-30 minutes to complete this form.
  • You can fill out the form in either Arabic or English.
  • If you are a graduate student, you can also fill out this form.
Terms of applying to the membership form:
1- Possess great skills in using the Internet and dealing with some Google products / services.
2- Medium or above average English level is preferred
3- Have good experience and skill in the position you want to occupy in the group.
4- Agree to the conditions and regulations of the group and respect them in accordance with the Membership Agreement.
5- Have sufficient time to perform duties in the group (Estimated 10-12 Hours per month). Please note that we are not regularly active in every month of the year.
6- Be prepared for work within team group.
7- Each person selected shall be subject to a trial period of not less than two months. (According to the Membership Agreement).
8- All applicants will be subject to a personal interview.
9- To be committed to carrying out the tasks entrusted to him.
10. In case of failure by the member, the group management shall have the right to take the necessary action as it deems appropriate.
11- He/She has already participated in any events or activities in the required field. (*Optional)
12- Understanding that all the work will be voluntary, non-profit or materially beneficial.
13- The duration of membership is one year (renewable)..
What will I benefit if I am selected to be a member of the GDG Sana’a?
1- You will get special training.
2- You will obtain a membership card.
3- Your name, photo and contact info will be added to the members section in our official website.
4- You will receive invitations to most of the events we will be organizing to distribute them to whomever you wish.
5- You will be given an official certificate of recommendation on behalf of the group to strengthen your resume/CV. (provided that he/she has spent at least 6 months).
6- You will gain experience that prepares you for the job market and supports your resume/CV.
7- You will receive periodic training sessions.
8- Do not forget the cool gifts that you will get 🙂
You can apply through the following link:
For more information please contact us.

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  1. Marwa Thabet

    I have the honor to be a a member in GDG and take the experience from a konwn company as your company!

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